Kamata Takashi kokeshi, in Yajiro style

Kamata Takashi kokeshi, in Yajiro style


This tall Yajiro style kokeshi doll is by Kamata Takashi. We recongnize easily the concentric circles on the top of the head, making a beret. Often, scallops are painted on the forehead. On this one, only a red one is visible, but it was most probably accompanied by a violet one on each side.

- 30,5 cm (12 in) tall and 5 cm (2 in) wide at the bottom
- traditional style, Yajiro type
- handcrafted and signed by Kamata Takashi
- vintage, very good condition.

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Une grande poupée kokeshi de style Yajiro. On reconnaît rapidement les cercles concentriques dessinant un béret sur le dessus de la tête. Il y a parfois des festons sur le front - ici, seul le rouge est encore visible, mais il est probablement encadrés de festons violets. Les yeux sont typiques de l’artisan Kamata Takashi.


- 30,5 cm de haut et 5 cm de diamètre à la base
- style traditionnel, type Yajiro
- signé par l’artisan, Kamata Takashi
- vintage, très bonne condition.

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